About Us

Excellent by design
“When we first considered building our new home, we had heard from many people that you can often find a contractor who is a very good craftsman or a very good businessman, but it is rare to find both. Well, we think we found such a contractor.”
–PCH Client (Portola Valley)

Since 1978, our mission has been to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction, this is how we have built our reputation as one of the Peninsula’s finest residential contractors. We approach projects with an inquisitive and proactive nature, with the goal of understanding the client’s needs and architect’s intent. We foster open communication with our clients from the very first meeting, and we continue to be available and responsive to them long after they have settled in.

With over fifty employees, each member of our team has been handpicked for their experience and expertise. We have long-standing relationships with distinguished architects, designers, engineers, artisans, and craftspeople. From finding the engineer who can build a state-of-the-art recording studio, to bringing in one of the last Georgian plastering companies from England to lend an authentic finish, we will execute your vision to perfection.

Whether we are estimating costs in the preconstruction stage, sharing knowledge of green building techniques, or devising new processes to accommodate a change in design, we can provide value and transparency at every step.

After four decades in business, we have built a distinguished reputation and many incredible homes. We are ready to do the same for you.